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Child Care Facilities

Our service for you


Kids like to play and get dirty,  let us help with cleaning up after them.  With children's health at stake, the cleaning needs of child care facilities are unlike any other facility. They are the most susceptible population and their environment needs to be the cleanest. 


Our staff includes Public Health Inspectors who have many years of experience. They have the necessary knowledge to understand and create customized cleaning plans for your important hygiene requirements by the county.


After all, it's about the health of our kids and employees so we will provide the highest standard. 

Why choose us to clean your Child Care Facility?

With full-time Public Health Inspectors on our team, we are the perfect fit for your medical facility.

We are trained with a Degree in Commercial Cleaning, from Germany, so you always have a piece of mind that we are using the correct chemicals in the correct way

We always implement a 4 color system to eliminate the risk of cross contamination  

Cleaning Aesthetics helps keep your kids safe by providing a clean and germ free learning environment

We use a 2 Step floor cleaning system to ensure your floors are spotless and germ free

We use changeable microfiber mops to eliminate cross contamination

We use HEPA vacuum cleaners to help with the air quality of facility

If you have questions or are ready for a healthy and 'really clean' facility please contact us!  We look forward to serving YOU!

You can contact us by phone or email at:



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