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Our slogan says it all...

"We like it really clean"

With heart and our technically trained professionals we do what it takes to get the job 'really clean'. 

Cleaning Aesthetics is the premier commercial cleaning service in Charlotte, North Carolina and surrounding areas.  Whether your office is small or large scale, we will make your office an aesthetically pleasing environment.

With our loyalty to you there is nothing we cannot handle.  We are your single source commercial cleaning service, serving all different types of industries, each with unique requests, needs, and demands.

  • Office facilities

  • Medical facilities

  • Child care facilities

  • Fitness/wellness facilities

  • Industrial facilities

  • Car Dealerships

  • Apartment complexes

  • New construction

We like it 'really clean' that is why we will always  guarantee the best results to preserve the value of your property and protecting your health. 

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Eliminate cross-contamination NOW!

How do you know that your cleaner is not cleaning your desk with the same cloth that they just used to clean the toilet?  We have the answer to your stress!

Red Cleaning Clothes - Toilets ONLY

Yellow Cleaning Clothes - Restrooms 

Green Cleaning Clothes - Kitchen/Break room

Blues Cleaning Clothes - Your desk 

Cleaning Aesthetics proudly presents Clinic Cleaners!!

Our mission is to provide the most healthy and aesthetically pleasing workspace possible
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