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"We make valuable companies more valuable"

As a full-service commercial cleaning company, Cleaning Aesthetics offers a wide range of cleaning solutions.  Regardless the type of facility you have, our priority is to offer the most professional service to meet your individual needs and requirements.  With Cleaning Aesthetics quality control, we guarantee our cleaning professionals provide fast and excellent service contributing to the value preservation of your property.

Business Offices

Help protect your staff from spreading germs that may cause absence do to illness with custom cleaning packages to meet your needs.  

Medical Facilities

Germs and infectious bacteria endanger the

health of employees and patients. For this reason,  medical facility cleaning requires the highest quality service and in-depth knowledge of scientifically proven cleaning techniques.

Child Care Centers

Protecting our children is a high priority, therefore, it is a must that we follow local Public Health regulations. 

Car Dealerships

Cleaning Aesthetics is ready to help you make the perfect first impression with a spotless and streak free showroom. 

Fitness Centers

Hygiene and customer safety are a major concern.  With sweat and bacteria everywhere, we will bring your facility back to a healthy and aesthetically pleasing environment  with a custom cleaning program.

Industrial Facilities

Industrial cleaning ensures a safe and healthy workplace.  We will create a plan to keep your operations running smoothly.

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