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Superior Service Begins With Us

We specialize exclusively in commercial cleaning. Sparkling clean spaces, offices and work facilities say a lot about a company's brand. Welcome guests with entrances and lobbies that have bright, glistening doors and windows, spotless surfaces and a neat reception area. With proper floor surface maintenance and carpet care, we make sure all of your high (and low) traffic areas like hallways and stairwells are safe and inviting. In common areas such as breakrooms and restrooms, keeping a sanitary and clean space is of upmost importance.


At Cleaning Aesthetics, we are dedicated to helping you attract the best business tenants to your property. Whether your company's space is a modest office needing bi-weekly tidying or a spacious facility needing daily attention, we're ready to disinfect, dust, mop, vac, wipe down, remove trash/recycling and whatever else from:

Cleaning Supplies
  • Bathrooms

  • Banking & Teller Areas

  • Breakrooms & Kitchens

  • Classrooms

  • Conference Rooms

  • Cubicle Nooks

  • Elevators & Stairwells

  • New Construction

  • Flooring

  • Foyers & Lobbies

  • Medical Offices & Exam Rooms

  • Retail Spaces & Storefronts

  • Restaurants

  • Waiting Rooms

  • Fitness Centers

  • Wellness Facilities

Routine cleaning is just the beginning for us at Cleaning Aesthetics. We offer convenient and consistent services that match your specific needs and requirements to give you peace of mind with a thorough clean. Through our specialized approach, you can have confidence that all of our cleaning products are top quality, utilized correctly and that there is no cross contamination. Our goal is to protect your health, and preserve the value of your property.

Have a Little More in Mind?

While our preventative maintenance cleanings provide a consistent and thorough clean in your highly trafficked areas and hard to reach places, adding special services on a routine basis will help to increase the lifespan of your fabrics, floors, windows and more.


Our special services include (but are not limited to):

Window Cleaner

Need Something More Specific?

At Cleaning Aesthetics, we understand that appearance, and health are everything. No matter your type of workplace, you expect your space to look clean day after day. Your brand and reputation – as well as the health of the employees you serve – depends on having a workplace that’s thoroughly clean and free of odors.

Whether it’s a daily clean, or a more sterile clean, look no further. Executive Series and Clinic Cleaners are dedicated and trained to meet your needs.​

  • Window Cleaning

  • Hard Floor Care

  • Upholstery Care

  • Carpet Care

  • Floor Stripping

  • Pressure Washing

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